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It tastes just like milk.

Yes, for most people, but always check the source and take your questions to a doctor.

HUMP GROUP is an approved distributor for Desert Farms. Desert Farms camel milk comes from hard-working and dedicated family farmers around Europe.

All Desert Farms camels graze on organic pasture. When they are not on pasture, they are fed only organic vegetarian feed that has been produced without the use of genetically modified grains or the use of toxic and persistent herbicides, pesticides or fertilisers. Our camels are all hormone free and antibiotics free.

The use of antibiotics is strictly prohibited in Desert Farms. Our policy is 100% raw and natural whenever possible. The first and best defence against illness is prevention. But when a camel does become ill, we rely on natural and alternative methods as our preferred treatment. If a sick animal cannot be restored to full health with organic-approved treatments, we may administer antibiotics or other prescribed medicines to return a camel to good health. However, when antibiotics or other prohibited materials are administered, we hold off on shipping the milk till there is no antibiotic residue in the camel milk, and then we resume. We always consider the well-being of our animals first and never allow an animal to suffer. The use of added growth hormones rBST and rBGH is strictly prohibited on Desert Farms. The use of these substances is not allowed in any organic dairy.

No, but we work with family farmers who have been leaders in ‘organic’ agriculture from the very beginning before all the certifications came into place. If you would like to see the Certified Organic label on our bottles, give us a call or email us. With greater demand for this, we will be glad to make that investment.

Yes, we ship milk within Europe and we can ship our camel milk powder and book internationally. For all orders outside the UK, please contact us at hello@humpgroup.co.uk

Our Class 1, premium, natural Medjool dates are ethically sourced directly from our Palestinian family farm and are grown, cultivated and packaged in Jericho, Palestine. Our farm has the capacity to produce more than 3000 tonnes of dates per year. Furthermore, our farmers are equipped with the relevant knowledge and support to nurture high quality crops whilst adhering to global standards to produce high quality dates.

Our dates are not grown in Jordan or in any illegal settlements. By purchasing a box (or two) of our dates, rest be assured that your purchase is directly supporting our Palestinian farmers and their families.

  • Picked from the recent harvest and packaged in 2024
  • Grown on organic principles and GMO free
  • Premium quality: We only offer the highest quality of Palestinian Medjool dates. The skin separation will range from 0% - 5%
  • We also do not mix different sizes of dates to make up the net weight of each box
  • We also do not mix different classes or sources of dates in each box (one class and one source)
  • Only small quantities are shipped for export to preserve the freshness and quality of our premium, juicy, natural Medjool dates
  • We do not compromise on quality or ethics

Absolutely not! We welcome customers from all faiths and backgrounds. The dates are also naturally gluten free, suitable for vegans and make the perfect guilt-free healthy snack all year round.

Yes, absolutely! Medjool dates are an excellent natural source of fibre and potassium. They are fat-free and contain no added sugar. Why not combine our natural Medjool dates with our camel milk?

Yes, we offer wholesale prices to businesses. Please email us at hello@humpgroup.co.uk

Yes, we offer private label to customers all over the world. Please email us at hello@humpgroup.co.uk

908g, 2kg (Large only), 5kg

Small, Medium, Large

Class 1 (Premium)

We despatch our camel milk products, book and Palestinian Medjool dates throughout the UK. All orders are despatched the next working day and the estimated delivery time is 1 – 3 working days. Orders are despatched by Royal Mail or Fedex, fully tracked and signed.

Shipping, handling and packaging costs, from £4.99.

Please note that for all UK orders, we are not able to deliver our Palestinian Medjool dates and the book together with the frozen camel milk. The frozen camel milk must be ordered separately alongside with the book/Palestinian Medjool dates. However, we can deliver these products together locally in Birmingham or they can be collected from our unit.

We also ship our camel milk products throughout Europe and Worldwide. For all orders outside the UK, please contact us at hello@humpgroup.co.uk

We also offer a local delivery service in Birmingham within a 5 mile radius of B7 4EJ. Customers are also welcome to collect from our unit at IBIC 2, Holt Court South, Birmingham Science Park Aston, Holt Street, Birmingham, B7 4EJ

Collection Times: Monday to Friday, 11:30am – 5:30pm (subject to change).
Customers MUST call us at least 30 minutes prior to arrival.

If you would like to arrange a collection outside these hours, please contact us on 075544 34426.

All sales are final and we do not accept returns due to the highly perishable nature of our products. Any claims must be filed within 24 hours.

In the case of package lost or damaged in transit, the liability is of the specific carrier and not HUMP GROUP.

HUMP GROUP is not qualified to provide medical advice and are not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis, treatment or advice or a medical examination.

Any material shared by HUMP GROUP may not be copied, reproduced, transmitted, derived, or otherwise used without the prior written permission of HUMP GROUP.

  • Succulent, fresh and nutritious Palestinian dates
  • Quality, genuine Palestinian dates
  • Great customer service

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